The Universal Fit Spectrum Package is a discrete under clothing penis stretcher that fits all sized penises. It includes one silicone in each size and strength that we offer for a comfortable grip.


Men have over half of their penis hidden inside the body. Penis stretching gradually stretches out the inner penis. Length gains start to be seen in just days, but you will start to see noticable girth gains as well due to cell growth and tissue expansion.


Penis strertching is similar to working out. The big difference is the gains will be temporary at first but will become permanent.

The STILL-ON System is designed for circumcised and uncircumcised men to stretch out their inner penis and to achieve circumference gains. It can be worn under loose fitted pants to work, the gym and in the car.


• Still-ON System corrects Peyronie's Disease and Penile Curvature. This is very common for men to have these issues. Light tension penis stretching is very safe and effective to greatly straighten the penis. Thus the length you have lost will be regained.

• STILL-ON Systems uses FDA approved medical grade silicones in 2 sizes and strengths with our custom made Latex Free Knee Strap and Tension Cords.

• Pre-Assembled and quick to put on and take off. Easy to adjust
to desired tensions.

• Ships Same to Next Business Day in Discrete Packaging with detailed instructions. 


18 and older to purchase.

Spectrum Package: 5 Silicone - Universal Fit - (Pre-Assembled)

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  • Money Back Guarantee the first 60 days minus 25% disposal fee. The buyer is responsible for return shipping.The iItem will be disposed upon arrival due to sanitary issues.