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Q & A

Does the STILL-ON System really work?

Yes! It is being used daily by 20,000+ active users in 29 countries.


It is a fact that men have over half of their penis hidden inside their bodies.

In essence, penis-growth is a reality, regardless of your age, race and physical condition.

Most of our Still-ON Systems users report positive visible gains.

But positive results are a product of dedication and time.

You need to be dedicated about incorporating a penis stretching exercise into your daily routine for at least six months minimum so you can enjoy your new penis size

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Which package should I purchase based on my sizing and budget?

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We now offer two packages that are universal fit for all men up to 5" flaccid girth behind the head. It is quite rare to have thicker soft/flaccid girth, so the packages should fit 95% of the world. To measure just take a tape measure and wrap it around the shaft in a circle. .

Priced from only $69.99-$99.99, Still-ON Systems is affordable for everyone!

How discrete is STILL-ON Systems?

STILL-ON Systems can be worn without any detections under loose fitting pants.

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What benefits can I expect to see?

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Gradual size increases in both flaccid and erect length and girth.

Stronger and more pronounced erections, elimination of shrinkage, and of course a greater sexual desire, self-esteem and raised confidence.

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How quickly do I start seeing gains? 

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You should be able to start seeing temporary gains with a regular penis stretching regiment in just a few days. In a few weeks to months these gains will become permanent with minimal retraction, with additional length and circumference gains still coming.

Regular penis stretching exercises are key to your desired penis growth.

We are confident that you will see very substantial gains in just a few months. It just takes dedication. 

Your goal is to liberate the “inner penis”, as men have over half of their penis hidden inside their bodies behind the suspensory and fundiform ligaments. Continued stretching will lead to visible gains length and girth.

Some men will see larger gains after a few months of stretching, but for others it may take longer. Some of our users has been stretching for years and achieved incredible gains to the point where their soft new length is identical to their new erect length. 

How much can I actually gain in Length and Girth in both flaccid and erect?

It is impossible to tell you exactly how much you will gain, as each body reacts differently, as there are so many variables such as dedication to a regular routine, starting measurements, blood circulation levels, having loose or tight ligaments blocking the inner penis, etc. However, most disciplined users will be able to see gains of 1-2” in soft length, 1-2” erect length and up to 1” in girth (circumference at the base and mid-shaft) within a year.

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My penis is average when erect, but small when flaccid. Is this normal? 

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Flaccid size can vary dramatically throughout the day, mainly depending on the temperature and blood flow. However, the STILL-ON System can help to increase your flaccid size, regardless of what the temperature is. Your penis will be visibly larger than before. With time your soft penis can be the same length as your erect penis, as your erect penis will gradually get longer too.

Is it safe to use? 

Men all over the world have been stretching their penis for years with different products and methods. We believe our product is one of the safest penis stretching products on the market. With light tension between 1-2lbs, and comfortable silicones and straps, the penis can safely be stretched. using STILL-ON Systems products. Other products; Using penis weights is very popular, but has a higher risk of injury due to the amount of weight pulling the penis downwards. Penile traction devices & penis extenders (also known as ADS and All Day Stretchers.), can be noticeable under clothing, and be painful to wear behind the head. This is why we believe STILL-ON Systems is the best for safety and comfort.

Can I wear the product when I am sleeping?

:We do not recommend wearing our products while sleeping as you can not monitor your penis. This is also a good time to give your penis a recovery break, and you can resume again when you wake up.

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How quickly will my order be shipped? 

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Your order will be shipped to you in discrete packaging via USPS in 0-1 business days. You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a tracking # upon request. So you can start exercising your penis straight away without delays! There will be no company name on the package.

We offer both Domestic & International shipping. We are not responsive for customs fees to the buyer. For buyer privacy, we list the contents as “Exercise Equipment” in the customs form.

Does age matter?

No - Providing that you are at least 18 years of age it does not matter. Even customers aged 60+ will be able to see gains from using the STILL-ON System.

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Are there any side effects from doing the exercises?

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STILL-ON Systems are novelty recreational products.

Accidents can happen. Please use caution and follow our instructions.

But there are no reported side effects from our current users that was brought to our attention.

Please make sure that you are wearing a comfortable silicone that isn’t too tight.

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: Is it ok to masturbate while doing the exercise program? 

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We recommend that you abstain from masturbation for at least 1 hour after performing exercises. This helps to prevent injury, helps to increase the effectiveness of your workout and promote blood flow which will strengthen your erections.

Can I wear STILL-ON and stretch when I am erect?

We highly urge clients to stretch when soft (flaccid) only. The only time we recommend getting an erection is if their penis is hidden inside the body. Once the penis is erect you can attach the silicone. Then once the erection has subsided this technique will allow the flaccid penis to stay out of the body when stretching.

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Can I do the exercises more than once a day?

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Yes, however, care should be taken not to over work the penis. We will provide you with detailed instructions. Providing you have rest days and don't expect too much too soon from yourself, we believe that you will be very happy long term.

How will my lifestyle change on this program?

The answer is as little or as much as you want it to! The STILL-ON System can be considered a daily workout routine. You may have to make small changes to the way you live in order to help maximize your gains. Just put the product on, then put your pants on and you are ready to go!

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