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STILL-ON Systems is excited to debut all new silicones in 4 sizes!


For the correct sizing, gently wrap a tape measure once around the shaft 1" behind the head/glans.

That's the number you are looking for in inches. STILL-ON Systems offers a variety of packages for below, average, and above-average girth users. If you are not too sure, we recommend our Universal Fit or Ultimate package, which includes all silicone sizes.


Choosing proper silicones in the beginning is never sure proof, because of the external temperatures and blood flow. Here is a rough idea for the silicone sizes below. 


Hypoallergenic Below to Above Average Silicones:


Size 1 Extra Soft - Purple - Below 4" flaccid girth - NEW
Size 1 Soft - Orange - Below 3.75" flaccid girth

Size 1 Medium - Fushion Pink - Tightest fit for thin girth - NEW
Size 2 Extra Soft - Mint -  3.8-4.3" flaccid girth
Size 3 Extra Soft - Blue - Above 4.5" flaccid girth

Size 3 Hard - Gray - For thicker men who like a tighter fit - NEW
Size 4 Extra Soft - Red - Above 4.5" flaccid girth

Size 4 Hard - Pink - For thicker men who like a tighter fit - NEW


Helpful tip - Placing the silicone 1" or more onto the shaft (behind the head/glans) will allow for more tension. 

18 and older to purchase.

Silicone Replacements for USA Buyers - Free Shipping

  • Individual Shaft Stretchers

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