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Knee Strap Positions

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Wearing the knee strap below the knee is mostly shown on the website, however, very positive feedback has been given from many users when wearing the knee strap "above the knee." Users will need to cut the cords a few inches before stretching if they prefer using it above the knee. Cure the ends of the cords using a lighter so there are no loose strings. This will help the cords go into the cord locks quicker.
Please note that cutting the cords will not allow you to stretch below the knee. We encourage buying a second cord set if you prefer wearing it above and below the knee. We also recommend switching knees each day to focus on your inner ligaments being stretched at different angles/positions. This will all help stretch out your inner penis quicker. 

NOTE: A more adjustable knee strap for wearing above the knee and below the knee will be available late Spring with more length and velcro. 

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