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UPDATED: STILL-ON Systems Weight Hanger is now available on our website, and will be available to order Mid-June for Amazon, eBay and ETSY .

The combination of under-clothing stretching, mixed with our penis weight hanger will be the best combination for penis stretching on the market today.

This is the only Weight Ball Penis Hanger that allows you to adjust the weight balls to your liking.

Tested up to 4.5lbs

Included Weight Pouch

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Weight Hanging Packages are now available on our shop page

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Each ball weighs a hefty 9oz to customize the weight you are hanging.

Packages includes 2-6 metal weight balls for a 1.125, 2.25, 3.375 and hang. We have tested up to 4.5lbs (4 balls on each side). Experienced users can purchase additional balls in our store. 

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A 5x7 Drawstring bag will be included to put the balls and cord in while hanging, so when you are swaying the weights it will be secure and not make any ball connecting clicking noises. 

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Sizes 1-4 is available with multiple different silicone softness to make the perfect fit for all girth sizes.

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Adding or taking off weights to your liking only takes seconds by threading the cords through the weight balls. Then make sure the cord locks are secure at the bottom before penis hanging.

Successfully tested 4 Steel Balls on each side of the silicone for a total of 4.5 pounds 

of tension with or without the optionally included wrap.

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With no wrap, placing the silicone 1"or more behind the glans will create a ridge from your foreskin which will prevent slippage. This allows the silicone to move right to behind the glans for your entire penis to be stretched. If you prefer to use the included wrap, simply wrap it around and behind the glans a few times to create a ridge, and then place the silicone behind it. 

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STILL-ON Systems
Weight Hanging Packages are now available on our website. On Amazon it will be ready mid June. Join below to get notified. 

Free Motion

With the weights attaching to the silicone, you can now move freely from side to side to back and forth.

This exercise creates a multi-dimensional tension pull and stimulates the inner ligaments. 

Our silicones come with multiple sizes, which can ensure non-slippage during the hanging exercise and optimize the pulling force up to 4.5lbs.

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