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     Generic Penile Traction Devices vs STILL-ON Systems

Biggest Issues with Penile Traction Devices/Penis Extenders

This is our tester below who is 100% flaccid. The circular base ring where the penis goes through is too small. He could barely fit it through and it's cutting the circulation a bit. If you are thicker in girth, had Phalloplasty girth augmentation surgery, or like to penis pump, odds are your penis won't fit in it comfortably or at all. He is lightly stretched and will not have enough tension to see length gains. If he puts anymore tension from the rods, the band kept slipping off his head/glans. The band that goes around the glans is too thick and he has a difficult time securing the penis head and glans, especially since the head is below average size. Also, his flaccid penis expanded sideways from the light tension and is touching each rod on the sides uncomfortably. 















Very Uncomfortable

Slipping off glans with little tension

Verdict: This only might be passable if you have thin girth and a large head/glans. But it will be very bulky and sharp under clothing, especially when sitting and minimal tension.

If you are looking at purchasing a Penis Stretcher or Penis Extender, odds are you have come across "Penile Traction Devices." These are the Penis Stretchers with rods on the sides. Many (not all) of these penis-stretching devices are commonly manufactured and sold by Chinese sellers whom buyers might find it difficult to reach for issues and constructive feedback. They can also be under $30 and very cheaply made.


Reviews on Amazon and other platforms are mostly bad for most Penile Traction Devices. STILL-ON Systems tested a generic penis traction device to compare it with our product. Please watch the video to see. You will see that a little bigger investment will go a long way by purchasing a STILL-ON System penis stretcher. Plus, we are here to help you with quick response times via live chat and e-mail. 

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