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In-Use Demonstration to Prevent Slippage 

If you are still experiencing issues with slippage after viewing this page, please contact us on live chat or We have specialty silicones on standby for added grip. 

cord position.png

Additional Tips

We always recommend to place the silicone 1" behind the glans. The included self-adhesive wrap is optional, as many users prefer not to use wrap for specific reasons. Some find it more comfortable not wearing the wrap. Others find it the complete opposite and like the wrap. However, a recommended technique for slippage and maximizing tension is to create a ridge with the included wrap and follow the photo above for the tension cord placement with the silicone. 

1. Put the knee strap above the knee. Gently wrap the self-adhesive wrap (a few times to several times around)
 behind and around the glans to create a ridge.

2. Open the middle silicone hole with both hands and place the silicone right behind the wrap on the shaft skin or on the wrap.

3. If step 1 and 2 is not effective, you can put baby powder on the penile shaft before putting the silicone over it for added grip. 

These techniques will not only be very comfortable, but also allow for longer usage, prevent slippage, and allow for more tension.

No Sound

Lightly wrapping a few times to several times around in front of the silicone should prevent any slippage. It should allow you to go a size up for added comfort.

No Tension


With Tension

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